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The Brady Bulletin

Navigating College, Employment, Community, and Independent Living by Bringing the Research to Practitioners

A Research Bulletin for Programs that Serve College Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Each week a tremendous amount of information is published that could be helpful for edu-cators who deliver postsecondary comprehensive transition programs for college students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, much of this work does not make it into the hands of professionals and families who are working to develop, expand, and sustain these programs. This research bulletin disseminates the lessons of research and practical reports to help get this information into the hands of professionals who deliver these postsecondary programs, and individuals and their families who participate in these programs.

The professionals at the Academy for Community Inclusion (ACI) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program (FPCTP), regularly review over 30 peer-reviewed journals to identify promising practices and research findings that can improve these programs. Each article that is selected is summarized to report the major findings, and to provide pragmatic recommendations for college programs. Those research synopses are gathered into an issue of the research-to-practice bulletin, and disseminated to you to support your effort to deliver a meaningful postsecondary comprehensive transition program.

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